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【Movie Viewings】2016/04/20, 5/2, 7/7 “Love Completes” A Film Festival of Life


【Resource Classroom Activities】

“Love Completes” A Film Festival of Life

What constitutes a complete life?
What does a perfect life look like?
If we are born with insurmountable weaknesses, how should we lead our lives?
How do we accept ourselves when others always expect a “better” us?

This semester,
we wish to share with you three life stories that are imperfect, yet complete:

4/20 (Wed)
Theory of Everythingsomeone is ruthlessly sentenced to death, just as he reaches the acme of his life, and is forced to live inside a body that progressively defies him…



Movie preview:

5/2 (Mon)

someone runs in order to gain love and affections from others, devoting himself completely so that he can be “normal” just like everyone else…



Movie preview:

7/7 (Thu)
The Hammer

someone who is ostracized by others, because he was born deaf and unable to communicate with others…



Movie preview:

They all have imperfect lives, replete with imperfections and regrets;
however, their lives are eventually made complete,
as they are embraced by “self-love” and “self-acceptance”,
and most importantly, love and caring from others

Through watching movies, we are able to experience and witness different life stories. From these stories, maybe you can discover your own “remedy to imperfection”.

Time: 2016/04/20 (Wed), 05/02 (Mon), 07/07 (Thu) 13:30-16:30
     (including runtime and a 1-hour post-viewing discussion)
Lecturer: Ya-Ling Tang (Part-time counselor at NCTU Counseling Center)
Participants: up to 30 audiences, open to people outside of NCTU
To Register: Please register at the NCTU counseling center webpage, or be waitlisted on the day of showing.
       (Showings can be registered separately)