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11/25、12/02 Workshop: Navigation for your soul— Let Enneagram spark your innate talent!

The Enneagram divides us into nine interrelated personality types.

Are you the fair and disinterested Reformer?

The energetic Enthusiast?

Or the charismatic Challenger?

Or maybe, we present different personality types under different circumstances?

Through understanding your Enneagram, you may discover your strengths and potential, which is conducive to more successful career and interpersonal relationships.

Additionally, the typology is increases awareness for our negative conditions, allowing us to effectively deal with them.

Enneagram will not only help you learn about yourself, but also facilitate the becoming of that ideal!

Time: 10:00-17:00, Nov. 25th, Dec. 2nd (Sat), 2017

Location: SAO Conference Room, IT Service Center, 3rd floor

Speaker: Yi-Fen Hu (CEO of The Enneagram Institute of Taiwan)

Participants: NCTU students, capacity of 25

Registration: Please sign up at the Center before Nov. 14th, and pay a $400 deposit (those waitlisted will be contacted by Nov. 16th )