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10/31 Lecture: What’s the future of marriage equality? The psychological POV of marriage, freedom, and rights

 “It is unconstitutional for the civil law not to guarantee same-sex marriage”— Explanation of the constitution from the Justice of the Constitutional Court, May 24th, 2017


  • Why does the Justice of the Constitutional Court make such an explanation?
  • In a same-sex marriage, who will be the father and mother?
  • Does it potentially influence children’s development?
  • Will children develop gender disorders?


We invite you to join us with any doubt you have, and gain insight into the new face of society and marriage in the future, through a thorough understanding of marriage equality.


Time: 18:30-20:30, Oct. 31st (Tue), 2017

Location: International Conference Hall B (B1), Hao-Ran Library

Speaker: Hsin-Chieh Lu (Devout activist in gender equality and international initiatives)

Participants: NCTU students, staff, and faculty, capacity of 100

Registration: Click here, or waitlist at the door