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10/21 Handicrafts—Cypress wood handicraft workshop


Do you always eat out? How do you feel about all the toxins building up inside your body from the disposable tableware?

We invite you to…
Slow down your pace in a casual afternoon…
Gather some “green” material and reduce plastic waste…
Design and make your own wooden spoon and fork…
Dive into your meals with handcrafted, environmental-friendly tableware!

  • Time: 14:00-18:00, Oct. 21 st (Sat), 2017
  • Location: Mr. Glyn T. H. Ing Memorial Room, Hao-Ran Library (By the hallway on the 1 st and 2 nd floor)
  • Speaker: Jen-Chuan Chen (Director of NatureMiffy;instructor of natural civilian equipment production)
  • Participants: NCTU students, capacity of 20 
  • Registration: Please sign up at the Center before Nov. 14 th ,and pay a $400 deposit (those waitlisted will be contacted by Nov. 16 th)