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【Campus Workshop】2016/03/26 Set Yourself Free from__: Journey to Discovering Your True Self


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Set Yourself Free from    : Journey to Discovering Your True Self

”I should be better than others…”
”I must attain high achievement, so that I can make my family proud”
”My life is ruined if I’m not successful”

Our life is a giant maze, to which we constantly seek an exit;
sometimes, the journey is smooth, and sometimes,
we are shackled by “should”s and “must”s,
making it profoundly difficult to march forward.

These impediments might be your fear of failure,
other people’s expectations of you,
or a trap you’ve set up for yourself about being perfect….
Are you struggling amid these “should”s and “must”s?

If these voices inside your head confuse you, you are invited to join us!
Through psychological displacement writing and artistic expression,
you can organize your thoughts, unfetter yourself,
in order to rediscover your true self!


Shin-Ge Hsieh
Intern at NCTU Counseling Center


Time: 2016/03/26 (Sat) 9:00-16:00
Location: Group Counseling Room, Resource Classroom, Activity Center, 2F
Lecturer: Shin-Ge Hsieh (Intern at NCTU Counseling Center)
Participants: up to 12 NCTU students
To Register: Register at the Resource Classroom (Activity Center, 2F)
        (Sign-up before 03/18, the waitlist will be announced at 03/21)
        A 200$ deposit is required and will be fully reimbursed upon full participation