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NCTU Counseling Center Management Rules


1. In order to maintain and enhance the mental health of NCTU students and faculty and to help solve the various mental problems, NCTU hereby defines the NCTU Counseling Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”) Management Rules.

2. Service hours:

From Mondays to Thursdays: 9:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Fridays: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

3. Scope of service:

(1) Individual interview
Let the counselors work with you to resolve any questions and difficulties in your mind.

(2) Growth group
Welcome your participation in the programs including gender relationship, career planning, interpersonal communication, self-growth, pressure adjustment, parent-child communication and parents growth group, to help you understand yourself and know others.
(3) Psychology consultation
Provide you with the professional information, opinion or suggestion about any mental disorder or problem, to help you manage your own life effectively.

(4) Metal test
Utilize the various objective tests and the professional counselors’ interpretation to help you understand yourself better.

(5) Department/institute counseling service
One professional counselor will be assigned to each department/institute to assume your life advisor. If you have any questions, you may contact the department/institute counselor directly.

(6) Department/institute mental health promotional activity
Organize the career planning programs in the various departments, and mental health symposiums in the various institutes.

(7) Mental health serial activities
Organize the different theme-based lecture events, movie appreciation events, symposiums and exhibitions to make you healthier physically and mentally.

(8) Theme-based guidance activities
Organize the different theme-based guidance activities irregularly, including workshops, seminars, guidance groups and mental tests, et al.

(9) Supply of information
The various mental books, magazines, recording tapes and videos are available in the Center.

(10) Supporting of activity
Provide the spiritual programs in orientation activities, club activities, and teacher and student gatherings.

(11) Volunteer training program
Recruit and train the Center’s volunteers in 1st semester per academic year. We welcome your participation in the program.

4. Individual interview service rules:

(1) Confidentiality:
Counselors will keep your information “strictly confidential” and will make the information available to any permitted counterpart upon your written consent.
※ The confidentiality will not apply under the following three special circumstances:

(a) Where you are likely to endanger your or another person’s life, freedom, property and safety, e.g. suicide or attempt to kill some other.

(b) Where any legal liabilities are involved therein, e.g. Child Welfare Act, Youth Welfare Act and Genetic Health Act, et al.;

(c) Where any complaints required under laws are involved therein, e.g. Child and Youth Sexual Transaction Prevention Act, and Domestic Violence Prevention Act, et al.

(2) Free service:
The Center provides the counseling service to NCTU students and faculty without charge and at NCTU’s own expenses.

(3) Time of interview:
The interview will be conducted once per week, 50 minutes each time, and may be adjusted under any special circumstance.

(4) Cancellation of interview:
If you cannot attend the interview in person with some cause, please call the Center, or claim the cancellation at the Center in person, within 24 hours prior to the interview. The Center’s Ext. Nos. are 51303 and 51318.

(5) Consent to sound recording:
The counselor might ask for sound recording of the interview in order to help you resolve the problem more effectively. Notwithstanding, the counselor shall obtain your consent prior to the sound recording, and you may refuse the sound recording at your sole discretion. Upon the counselor’s consent, you may have one recording tape for your interview, provided that the confidentiality of such recording tape shall be borne by yourself.

(6) Fulfillment of undertaking:
You have the right to seek another counselor’s opinion, provided that you may have an interview with the same counselor at one time.

(7) Termination of interview:
You have the right to terminate the consultation at any time, provided that you shall discuss it with your counselor in advance.

(8) Consent to referral:
Sometimes, the counselor might refer you to another more competent counselor or psychiatric doctor, provided that the referral shall be subject to your prior consent. All of the information about your interview will be transferred concurrently. Your voluntary claim for the referral shall be subject to the counselor’s prior consent.