Center of Counseling
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Counseling Specializations

Full-time Counselors
1.  Ying-Chu Hsu Grief counseling; familial and marital issues; career counseling; gender issues; emotional adjustment
2.   Shao-Ling Shu Relationship, marital, and familial problems (relationship termination); emotional problems; sex and gender problems
3.   Ming-Chin Li Interpersonal psychodynamics; emotional problems
4.   Chin-Tong Chuang Integrative family therapy; interpersonal relationships; romantic relations; career and learning; gender; sexual orientation; emotion and existence; social; Tarot reading
5.   Yi-Ling Pu Self-exploration; romantic relations; intuitive Tarot; interpersonal relationships
6.   Yu-Wen Chang Sleep problems; time management; stress coping; self-understanding; interpersonal relationships; romantic relations
7.   Chi-Chun Kao Interpersonal relationships; meditation and relaxation; career planning; Tarot reading; Self-exploration
8.   Sho-Chien Kung Intuitive Tarot exploration; gender and homosexual issues; Self-exploration
9.   Li-Yen Wu Psychoanalytic-oriented therapy; multicultural issues; counseling services in English
10. Chen-Hung Wang Career planning; family (parent-child) relationship; emotional regulation
11. Ting-Mei Chen Interpersonal relationships; romantic issues; Self-exploration
12. I-Ya Tseng Parent-child relationship; familial issues; emotional adjustment; Satir model therapy
13. Li-Ting Wang Interpersonal relationships; familial issues; Self-exploration; interpersonal relationships; romantic relations
14. Zheng-Xun He Career exploration and planning; emotional and stress management; self-exploration and growth; interpersonal relationships
 15.Fang-Ling Hsu PhotoTherapy and art therapy; positive and mindfulness psychology; career exploration issues; emotional problems; Self-exploration; romantic relations
16.Ying-Chieh Wang Self-identity; familial relationship; meanings in life; cultural issues; emotion-oriented couple therapy; experience-oriented individual counseling; expressive art therapy (including psychodrama)
Part-time Psychiatrists and Counselors
Wen-Ke Chen (Psychiatrist) Insomnia; Depressive Disorders; Anxiety Disorders; Panic disorder; Schizophrenia; family and marriage counseling; interpersonal relationships
Kuei-Yu Liang (Psychiatrist) Neurosis; Feeding and Eating disorders; Depressive Disorders; Sleep Disorders; general psychotherpay
1.   Ying-Shao Hsu Grief counseling; gender and family counseling; emotional counseling
2.   Wan-Chen Shen Exploration of family of origin; marital relationship; interpersonal relationships
3.   Shu-Ying Liu Self-integration; interpersonal relations; self-environment relations; family and gender issues
4.   Ling-Lan Huang Romantic and gender issues; Self-exploration
5.   Shih-Chuan Wu Self-understanding; career exploration; faith; family issues; interpersonal relationships
6.   Hsiao-Hui Du Psychoanalytic-oriented therapy; self-exploration; romantic and relationship issues; issues in emotion and grief
7.   Kuei-Chun Wu Career planning; Self-exploration; interpersonal relationships
8.   Ying Wu Gender relations; Self-exploration; interpersonal relationships
9.   Pao-Ling Yeh Emotional problems; parent-child relationship; career development; interpersonal relationships
10. Ya-Ling Tang Career planning
11. Wan-Hsin Huang Emotional problems; relationship issues; Tarot-integrated therapy
12. Ching-Yi Chen Intimate relationship; interpersonal relationships
13. Hsueh-Chih Wu Career planning; gender issues; psychological disorders; Self-exploration; interpersonal relationships
14. Chun-Chih He Psychological evaluation and psychotherapy; addiction counseling; emotion and stress relief; cognitive-behavioural change; career planning and life education; intimate relationships and gender equality; parent-child education
15. Tsan-Ju Lee Deep dream analysis; marriage and family counseling; emotional regulation; communication; family violence; sexual assault; Sand Play Therapy
16. Pei-Chuan Hsieh Meditation and relaxation; emotional adjustment; parent-child relationship; Self-exploration
1. Chiao-Yi Chen Gender pluralism and gender issues; emotional exploration; romantic relations; Self-exploration; interpersonal relationships