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From Counselors of the Counseling Center to All Faculty


Dear Faculty,


Recently, there have been spates major social news, from the Sunflower Movement to the Taipei MRT incident. Though disparate, they strike us and engender reverberation within us, to the extent comparable to the 921 Earthquake. In particular, the MRT incident has instilled people profound insecurity, which may manifest itself as irritability, depression, anxiety, hypervigilance, tension about being in threat, and panic. The Office of Student Affairs has noticed an increase in students with emotional troubles, which is so severe that it may impact campus security.

As the first line of contact with students, please assist us in observing aberration in students’ learning and affect, while increase engagement with students. Your kind and caring words are one of the best remedies for their emotional disturbances.

If you need assistance from the Center before, after, or during engagement with students, please call us directly at #51318.


Sincerely Yours,

The NCTU Counseling Center