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【Lecture for Studends】2016/10/12Demolish the Labels – Broaden Our Horizons with “Being in Life”


What are patients of mental disorders like to you?

Unkempt? Helpless? Troublemaker? Potential convict?

Perhaps you have these “labels” for patients of psychopathology as well

Before labeling them, however, are you certain that these are indeed your own perceptions of them?

Or are they engendered by the media, stereotypes, or traditional values?


If these labels were eliminated, allowing us to acquaint ourselves with them, what would we see?

Maybe you’ll discover that they, too, are simply “human beings”, just like us

They also merit to be known, understood, loved, respected, and given opportunities

However, pathology and societal prejudice bar them from the society


This time, let us follow the footsteps of “Being in Life” and broaden our horizons

Let us walk into the lives of these patients and learn their struggles in the society


Maybe this time, you can choose to be the force that supports and understands, rather than being an unknowing bystander


Time: 2016/10/12 (Wed) 3:30 P.M.-5:20P.M.

Location: MIRC Conference Room 1

Lecturer: Chun-Ling Chen (Current member of “Being in Life”)

Participants: NCTU faculty and students (limit of 100 people)

To sign up: visit the NCTU Counseling Center webpage, or sign up at the door