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【Campus Workshop】2016/10/16Befriend Your Fear, A High/Low Wire Outdoor Challenge Workshop


Walking on a high wire, experiencing unsteadiness and a lack of balance

Taking deep breaths, conversing with your fears, and trying to encourage yourself

When no long treading on steady grounds, but on ropes and single-plank bridges, what challenges do you foresee?


Maybe you are hesitant to join, fearing that you are unable to overcome the challenge, just like the adversities in life. This time, you can stimulate your potentials through high/low wires and befriend your fears. This experience will then become your trustworthy backup in the face of challenges!


All you need is an open mind and a spirit of challenge! (The difficulty can be adjusted accordingly)


The activity is only 700$ for NCTU students (2000$ in value)! There are only 25 spots, so make sure you sign up quickly!


Time: 2016/10/16 (Sun) 8:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M.

Location: National Taiwan Sport University (Meetup at NCTU Auditorium)

Lecturer: Mei-Han Chen and the Just for Sunny Team (Certified outdoor skills trainers, and has ample experience leading adventure education)

Participants: NCTU students who are willing to challenge themselves (limit of 25 students)

To sign up: Please download the registration form from the NCTU Counseling Center website and sign-up at the Center before 10/05, Wednesday (Students on the waiting list will be contacted before 10/07, Friday). A fee of 700$ is required (includes transportation, insurance, venue, lunch, equipment, and lessons)