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2016/12/11【Student workshop】Embrace the Unknown, Unleash Your Bravery—Improvised Theater Workshop


Are you already tired of your constant fear for failure, of hiding your emotions, and of your immutability?

Do you wish to be brave and discover happiness in life? Or maybe you worry that you are too shy and too poor at acting?

Why not give yourself a chance to stimulate your potentials?You will witness a change in life that leads to infinite possibilities!

This time, we’ve invited the experience Huai-Yu from the Guts Improv Theatre as our special guest. Using interesting theatrical elements of mimicking, role-playing, story-telling, and team collaboration, everyone will be able to revel themselves, embrace the unknown, and explore their feelings!

In a friendly and pressure-free impromptu environment, the teacher will help everyone: stimulate positive energy, break limits, lose the need for control, and help you become more energetic and confident by courageously obeying your instincts.

What are you waiting for? Bring your friends and try out our improv theatre workshop!

Time: 2016/12/11 (Sun) 9:30 A.M.- 4:30 P.M. (one-hour lunch break, lunch not included)

Location: Student Activity Center Recreation Room, 2F (On the same side as the Counseling Center)

Lecturer: Huai-Yu Chao (Improv actor and trainer; Actor and leader of Playback Theatre)

Participant: NCTU students who are interested in exploring emotions and theatrical activities (limit of 30 students)

To sign-up: Please download the registration form from the Center’s website and sign-up at the Center before 12/02 (Friday), and pay a deposit of 200$ which will be fully reimbursed after full participation. Those on the waiting list will be contacted by 12/06 (Tue).

*Teacher education passport credits 6hr.