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2016/11/1【Lecture for faculty and staff】While You Remember – A Lecture on Dementia Prevention and Sharing of Caregiving Experience


“While you remember, I’ll accompany you on the path of oblivion;

While you remember, I’ll accompany you and face the devil of Dementia.”

Chia-Chi I, While You Remember

In 2004, When Chia-Chi I was in his prime, he was forced to leave his job as his father began to forget things, experience memory confusions, and even lose life functions. Tending to his ailing father, he experienced conflicts and burnout…

Perhaps you are also on the arduous path of a caregiver, coveting the story of a fellow comrade.

Perhaps you are wondering if you are a potential patient of Early-onset Alzheimer’s, wishing to find out if prevention is possible.

We welcome you to the sharing of Chia-Chi I, a specialist in integrated dementia care. In his lecture, Mr. I will discuss:

1. The identification of symptoms and prevention of dementia

2. Methods to integrate non-drug treatment in daily care

3. Secrets to balancing the life quality and filial piety of caregivers

Let us end the torment of dementia, and let us reopen the window to caring for ourselves and others!

Time: 2016/11/01 (Tue) 1:20 P.M.- 3:10 P.M.

Location: MIRC Room 201 (2F)

Lecturer: Chia-Chi I (Consultant of the YZU Gerontechnology Research Center;Researcher in long-term and dementia care; Author of While You Remember and

speaker of over 100 dementia-related lectures)

Participants: All faculty and students (limit of 50 people)

To sign up: visit the NCTU Counseling Center webpage, or sign up at the door

*Government employee extended learning credits 2 hr.