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2016/11/29【Workshop for faculty and staff】Make Sweet Slumbers a Reality— A Workshop for Increasing Sleep Quality

Feeling lethargic in the morning and unable to stop yawning at work? Already going to bed early but unable to fall asleep ‘til morning? Do you wonder if you’re simply not tired enough, have too much on your mind, or not taking enough sleeping pills? Do you wonder how you can sleep well?


In fact, sleep quality is highly related to stress, which means you’re less likely to fall sleep, the more you try to. Make sweet slumbers a reality, starting with relaxing your body!

The present workshop invites counselor Shu-Ling Chou, who will help you:

  1. Understand sleep mechanisms and examine your sleep habits
  2. Find a relaxation technique the most helpful to you, helping you to fall asleep
  3. Learn relaxation skills that will help you sleep through the night
  4. Disabuse any myths you have regarding sleep through group discussion


Leave behind your old sleep habits and let us embark on a journey of sleep!


Time: 2016/11/29 (Tue) 1:30 P.M.-4:30 P.M.

Location: Aerobics Classroom, Student Activity Center, B1

Lecturer: Shu-Ling Chou (Clinical and counseling psychologist, specializes in insomniac assessment and treatment, CBT of sleep, and sleep medication consultation; has held numerous workshops and lectures about sleep)

Participants: Faculty and staff who wish to improve their sleep and learn relaxation skills (limit of 15)

To sign-up: Please download the registration form from the Center’s website and sign-up at the Center before 11/14 (Mon), and pay a deposit of 200$ which will be fully reimbursed after full participation. Those on the waiting list will be contacted by 11/15 (Tue)