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【Exhibition】 NCTU 100, a New Chapter in My Life

When feeling blue, it’s as if you’re the only with a cloud casting over your head

Seeing others stroll around the campus joyfully, but you never expect anything good happening to you?

Maybe, you want to pray for some good luck, so as to dispel your misfortunes

However, there might be a different option for you!

At the exhibit “NCTU 100”, we will curate bits and pieces of everyone’s lives at NCTU

You may discover that you’re not the only one feeling blue

Perhaps, there are many more like you, and you’re actually not alone!

Or you might discover different choices and possibilities in your quotidian, mundane NCTU days

We invite you to make a different decision today

Join us and share your story with us by donating your item to the “NCTU 100” exhibit

Then, find new perspectives in life through others’ stories!

Please follow us on our Facebook page for details regarding item collection!

Collection time: 2016/10/03 (Mon)-2016/11/04 (Fri)

Participants: All students, faculty, and staff

Exhibition time: 2016/12/19 (Mon) – 2017/01/06 (Fri)

Location: NCTU Library