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【Lecture for Studends and faculty】2016/11/23Insanity and Trial: Defendants with Mental Disabilities in Major Criminal Cases


When those with mental disabilities become perpetrators in criminal cases, how should we view the relationship between illness and crime?

Do those with mental disabilities have sufficient ability to trial? Is psychiatric evaluation a way out for perpetrators?

How does the Court regard and treat people with mental illness who commit major crimes?

What do appointed counsel experience in the Court? The pressure they face and the journey they go through.

We invite you to join the sharing of the legal aid defendant lawyer in the Tom’s World case


Speaker: Kuo-Yen Weng (Current lawyer at the Primordial Law Firm; associate director of the Taiwan Association for Human Rights)

Time: 2016/11/23 (Wed) 7:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.

Location : Room 101, Engineering Building 4, 1F

Participants: All NCTU faculty, staff, and students (limit of 50, priority given to volunteers of the Counseling Center)

To sign-up: visit the NCTU Counseling Center webpage, or sign up at the door