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【Lecture for Studends and faculty】2016/12/08 More Than Odd, Possibly Ill? Am I Schizophrenic?


“Brain malfunctioning, decreased efficiency at work and studying, uncontrollable impulses, frequent interpersonal conflicts or social withdrawal, repeating yourself…”

Are these sudden changes caused by change in personality or are they symptoms of neurological disorders?

Dr. Liu Chen-Chung will teach us about Schizophrenia using novels and clinical cases, then help us learn ways to prevent and respond to it, so that your brain and life in cacophony can be in harmony again!
Speaker: Dr. Chen-Chung Liu (Attending physician of department of psychology, NTUH; secretary-general of Taiwan Association for Schizophrenic Research)

Time: 2016/12/08 (Thu) 7:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.

Location : Room 101, Engineering Building 4, 1F

Participants: All NCTU faculty, staff, and students (limit of 50, priority given to volunteers of the Counseling Center)

To sign-up: visit the NCTU Counseling Center webpage, or sign up at the door