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11/16 Skill-Building Session:Don’t let relationships suffocate you— Dealing with emotional blackmailing



❏This is all you can take? Is that all you’ve got?

❏I had so much hope in you, how could you let me down!

❏I’m doing this for you…

How come these ostensibly benign phrases often paralyze us?

All you want is compliance, but ended up being tagged as a blackmailer?

What is the psychological mechanism behind emotional blackmailing?


How to courageously confront blackmailing, while avoid becoming a blackmailer?

Listen to these tips from the expert, and build pleasant interpersonal relationships!


Time: 13:30-15:20, Nov. 16th (Thu), 2017

Location: International Conference Hall A (B1), Hao-Ran Library

Speaker: Chan-Hao Hu (Counseling psychologist; author of 別讓負面情緒綁架你)

Participants: NCTU faculty and staff, capacity of 70

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