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10/16~12/04 Workshop: [So Happy Together] – Growth group for intimate relationship


[So Happy Together] – Growth group for intimate relationship


When was the last time you remembered the blissful moments in your relationship?

At the moment, do you lament that falling in love is so much easier than maintaining a relationship?


Through “So happy together” growth group,

you can discover yourself in your relationship;

at the same time, you can still be yourself, love yourself, and become yourself in your relationship!



Time: 16:00-17:30, Oct. 24th-Dec. 4th (Mon, 8 sessions), 2017

Location: Group Counseling Room, Resource Classroom, Student Activity Center, 2F

Speaker: Ming-Chen Lai (Counseling psychologist; full-time counselor at NTHU, Nanda Campus)

Participants: NCTU students (must have a romantic partner), capacity of 12

Registration: Please sign up at the Center by Oct. 2nd and pay a $400 deposit (Those waitlisted will be contacted before Oct. 3rd)