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9/25, 11/17 Workshop: A personal adventure— Developmental transformation (DvT) drama and play therapy


Does the mundane life render you stultified?

In the face all the troubles, all you can do is complain in front of the computer?


Come, we invite you to enter the crazy, yet realistic world of DvT!

Through body games and improvisation,

we’ll help you rediscover your original intent and a new life!












A. Intensive lunch sessions- 12:10-13:15 every Monday and Friday from Sep 25th to Oct 23rd, 2017, 8 sessions in total.

B. Leisurely afternoon sessions- 14:20-15:40 every Friday, from Nov.17th 2017 to Jan.5th 2018, 8 sessions in total.

*N.B. Can sign up separately for these two sessions

Location: Aerobics Classroom, Student Activity Center, B1

Speaker: Sho-Chien Kung (Department counselor of NCTU Counseling Center; member of the Playback Theatre)

Participants: Open to everyone, capacity of 10

Registration: Please sign up at the Center before Sep. 18th (Session A) or Nov. 6th (Session B), and pay a $200 deposit.