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5/9(Wed) Lecture: Stop, look, and listen – Transformation of Abusive Relationships


[Stop, look, and listen – Transformation of Abusive Relationships]

Have you ever…tried to distance someone but the person kept coming back…or have you tried everything in your power to get closer to someone?


Over-pursuing someone is a burden to both parties, and many tragedies have happened because of this. We invite you to understand the traits and behaviours of these persistent suitors; you may learn to not only protect yourself, but also to express your affections more appropriately, so as to cease violence and embrace love.




Time: 15:30-17:20, May 9th (Wed), 2018

Location: HA110

Speaker: Meng-Chen Hsu (Social worker at Modern Women’s Foundation, Hsinchu)

Participants: NCTU faculty and students (limit of 100 people)

To sign upClick here, or waitlist at the door