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6/9(Sat) Workshop: Café. Waiting. – Workshop on Love


Grinding coffee beans into powder, pouring in hot water for extraction

Different roasts of beans have different flavours

Temperature, flow, and speed all incubate different flavours

The process of brewing coffee is in fact very similar to a relationship

Each time is an unique experience!


We invite you to brew your own coffee

To savour the aroma and bitterness, and to talk about the intricacies of love.


Time: 14:00-17:00, Jun. 9th (Sat), 2018

Location: Conference Room of Office of Student Affairs, NCTU Information Technology Service Center, 3F

Speaker: Jiang-Ren Fang (Counseling psychologist; internationally certified barista)

Participants: NCTU students (limit of 20 people)

To sign up: Please visit the NCTU Counseling Center and pay a $100 deposit (deadline is May 29th, those waitlisted will be contacted by May 31st)