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5/23&30 Workshop:[Gender, Body, and Drama Workshop]


Gender, Body, and Drama Workshop

What is the male body like?

What is the female body like?

There are too many implicit cues in our lives that insinuate the body image, presentation, behaviour, and roles of male and female

The present workshop will help you loosen gender stereotypes and to explore more possibilities in your body and gender.


Time: 14:00-17:00 (Wed), May 23rd and 30th, 2018 (requires continuous registration)

Location: Group Counseling Room, Student Activity Center, 2F

Speaker: Shou-Chien Kung (Full-time counseling psychologist at NCTU; worker of Play Back Theatre)

Participants: NCTU faculty and students (6-15 people)

To sign up: Please sign up at the NCTU Counseling Center and pay a $200 deposit (deadline is Mar. 11th, and those waitlisted will be contacted by Mar. 15th)