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November 19 th (Monday) Film Screening— Small Talk


Film Screening— Small Talk

The lesbian mother said that if time goes backwards, she would have not got
”Being alone by myself is better,” she uttered.
My mother’s girlfriend said that my mother is very gentle.
As a daughter who has been with her for 30 years, my mother is surprisingly
estranged to me.
Although I live with my mother, she insists on asking my married little sister
about me.
And thus, in order to know her better, my camera starts to roll.
“I hope my mom and I could be happy to see each other around since.”
                      ─ Hui-chen Huang, Small Talk

What did the director, her mother, relatives, and people around her say about
them exactly?
What are the stories of those people?
In what context did they express the pain?
Was the relationship between the director and her mother improved at the
We invite you to find out by watching the film with us.

At this screening, you will be able to:
1. Free to see this movie which won the Berlin Film Festival Teddy Bear
Award, the best record and the best editing for the Golden Horse Award.
2. Savor the complexity, conflict, intimacy, and affaction of family.
3. Find the courage to face your own difficulty.

Time: November 19 th (Monday) 19:00-21:00
Venue: Room 216, Second Floor, Humanity Building I (No food or Beverage
allowed at the venue)
Participants: NCTU faculty members and students (limit of 40 people)
Registration: Please visit NCTU Center of Counseling website, or getting on
the waiting list on Nov. 19 th .
*This is the film screening only. Please register separately for the film
discussion session. The two events are held disjointedly.