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December 15th (Saturday) Workshop-A Journey to Heroic Self—Virginia Satir’s Way of Self-talk


December 15th (Saturday) Workshop

A Journey to Heroic Self—Virginia Satir’s Way of Self-talk

Virginia Satir, one of the most influential psychologists in the twentieth century, was a pioneer in family therapy.

She believes that people are like “icebergs” of which only the tip of an iceberg is being perceived.

So much is below the surface, shrouded from view and yet so very instrumental to whom that person is (including one’s deep feelings, expectations and desire).


Do you know yourself well?

Can you peer below the surface?

Do you know how to start a self-talk?

How would you do to get through the difficulties in life?

How do you find your inner strength to overcome the defeat?

Come and explore Satir’s way of Self-talk!

During this journey of understanding yourself, you will find strength to overcome your inner saboteur.

Human beings are the vitality of testaments.


In this workshop, we will:

  1. Learn the metaphorical concept of iceberg in Satir model.
  2. Discuss your own story about frustration and change with others.
  3. Use self-talk skills to enhance self-awareness and self-acceptance


➤ Time: 09:30-16:30, December 15th (Saturday), 2018

(1 hour lunch break)

➤Venue: Group Consultation Room, Second Floor, Student Activity Center

➤Instructor: Kui-chun Wu (Part-time Counselor of Center of Counseling at Chiao Tung University)

➤Participant: NCTU students (limit of 15 people)

➤ Registration: Please register at the counter of NCTU Center of Counseling and pay a deposit of $200TWD.

(Deadline: Dec. 5th. The waiting list will be announced on Dec. 6th.)

*This event is recognized a 6-hour credit for the recording document of civil servants, faculty and other staff members at NCTU.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Peng (ext. 51312).