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10/19-12/21 Group Therapy: “I hope that all this is just a dream”— Trauma and the Experience of Loss Drama Group Therapy


“I hope that all this is just a dream”— Trauma and the Experience of Loss Drama Group Therapy (DvT orientation)


Maybe it is the love that ends up hurting you.

Maybe it’s an incessant fuss in your family when you were little.

Maybe it’s coercion and violence threatening to your life.

Maybe you are reluctant to leave it behind.

It is painful to recall the past. You might not like to look back at it.

But it haunts you ever since, the traumatic past would tear you down in an instance.


We invite anyone who has similar experience to join this group.

Retrieving some relics of energy in fragmentation through DvT drama therapeutic games and interactions, we will find a silver lining in the clouds.


*What is DvT?

“Developmental Transformations (DvT) Drama Therapy” is an innovative theatrical treatment model designed by Dr. David Read Johnson of Yale University in the United States. In this model, any physical movements are allowed to happen and interact with the involved. Games, associations, and the transformation of different roles, scenes and images are in accordance with the interaction of leaders and members in the group. In the process, it is as an impromptu role-playing game, but it magically transforms the original rigid self to a flexible, creative and vital human being.



Instructor: Sho-Chien Kung (Counseling psychologist at NCTU)

Time: Friday 14:20-15:40

Oct. 19th, Nov. 2nd, Nov. 16th, Nov. 23rd, Nov. 30th, Dec. 7th, Dec 14th, Dec. 21st, 8 times in total

Venue: Group Consultation Room, Second Floor, Student Activity Center

Participants: Students who have had traumatic or lost experience are willing to explore their experiences through DvT drama therapy. It is expected to recruit 6-12 members in this group. There will be an individual interview before the therapy session begins.

Registration: Please register at the counter of NCTU Center of Counseling and pay a deposit of $200 TWD.

(Deadline: Oct. 8th. The instructor will contact you for an interview after registration)

*This event is recognized an 8-hour credit for the recording document of faculty members at NCTU.