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April 27th (Saturday) Workshop: Breaking the Relationship Curse-Using NLP to Rediscover Energies in Your Relationship

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April 27th (Saturday) Workshop: Breaking the Relationship CurseUsing NLP to Rediscover Energies in Your Relationship

Breaking the Relationship CurseUsing NLP to Rediscover Energies in Your Relationship

You have faced the same issues in each past relationship and have ended each in the same scenario.

You may start wondering: “HAVE I BEEN CURSED OR WHAT?!”

Yes, it’s YOU who’ve put the curse on yourself,

An inner vow you’ve made and have implanted deep in your heart.


Zhi-Heng Chen is here to help you break the relationship curse by providing knowledge of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),

Adjusting your inner vow and energies to set you free from the curse!


NLP Introduction

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a positive thinking approach that helps us to observe and solve problems from different perspectives, changing our stuck thoughts and exploring more possibilities. – Retrieved from Wikipedia (Chinese version)



Zhi-Heng Chen

  • Licensed counseling psychologist
  • Health psychology writer
  • NLP practitioner accredited by International NLP Association
  • Certified therapist of Easy and Fast Body-Mind Active Therapy (tentative translation)
  • Has provided more than 100 psychology-related lectures in Taiwan


Who fits the workshop?

The workshop fits those who:

Want to understand their core belief at the subconscious level that would affect their relationship.

Are tired of repeatedly being stuck in the same issue when being in a relationship.

Want to change the way they communicate with others to make their relationship better.


Workshop Info

Time: April 27th (Saturday) 9:30-16:30 (including one-hour lunch break)

Venue: To be advised shortly.

Speaker: Zhi-Heng Chen (Licensed counseling psychologist and professional NLP practitioner)

Participants: NCTU students (limited to 15 people)

Registration: Please register at the counter of NCTU Center of Counseling and pay a deposit of $200 TWD.

 (Deadline: April 17th. The waiting list will be announced on April 19th)


# This event is recognized a 6-hour credit for the recording document of faculty members at NCTU

# If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Peng (ext. 51312).