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March 28th (Wednesday) Lecture: Beyond the Bishoujo in Manga and Anime-On LGBT+ in the ACG Culture


Beyond the Bishoujo in Manga and AnimeOn LGBT+ in the ACG Culture

How many new anime have you been watching this season?

How many doujinshi conventions have you attended already?

How much money have you spent on anime peripherals?

As a proud inhabitant in two-dimensional space, having a creative brain equals to having the whole universe!


But do you know?

Apart from your younger sisters (of course you don’t have any in reality),

our beloved CPs, men’s unstoppable passion, and the forbidden love elements,

Do you know that the LGBT+ themes are omnipresent in the ACG world?

Come to this event!

So that you can immerse yourself in the overwhelming otaku world and broaden your horizons of the ACG culture!


After the lecture, you will:

  1. Understand the underlying meaning of the ACG culture.
  2. Explore various gender roles you could never imagine in the ACG world.
  3. Learn more about the ACG culture from an academic perspective.


Time: March 28th (Thursday) 13:20-15:10

Venue: Room F110, HA Building 2

Speaker: Pei-Di Wang

  • Chief editor of the Sociology of ACG Culture publication series
  • Adjunct assistant professor at NCTU and NCU

Participants: NCTU faculty members and students (limited to 100 people)

RegistrationPlease visit NCTU Center of Counseling website, or getting the waiting list on March 28th

# This event is recognized a 2-hour credit for the recording document of faculty members at NCTU