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April 29th (Monday) Lecture: Many Men, Many Masculinities-On Diversity of Male’s Masculinities


Many Men, Many MasculinitiesOn Diversity of Male’s Masculinities

As a NCTU male student,

Have you ever pictured yourself solely as a man to pursue a higher education,

To get a better job with higher salary, or to be the pillar of the family?


Have you ever thought

That sometimes you just want to be a tender, warm person and to show your vulnerability,

Or to be a hipster, a househusband, a metrosexual, or even a NEET?

You just want to say what you want to say and do what you want to do,

But is it OK just to be yourself?


Chih-Hung Chang, a counseling psychologist and a film director,

Will take us to the journey to look beyond the gender binary,

To share stories through his camera, and to help you find your own masculinities!



Chih-Hung Chang, licensed counseling psychologist and filmmaker.

  • Individual counseling
  • group counseling
  • lecturing in schools and communities
  • leading counseling and cinematography training workshops
  • documentary and drama director


Time: April 29th (Monday) 13:20-15:10

Venue: Room F110, HA Building 2

Speaker: Chih-Hung Chang (counseling psychologist and filmmaker, Facebook fan page:「心理師拍電影 – 張志宏諮商師的導演筆記」)

Participants: NCTU faculty members and students (limited to 80 people)

RegistrationPlease visit NCTU Center of Counseling website, or getting the waiting list on April 29th

# This event is recognized a 2-hour credit for the recording document of faculty members at NCTU