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Regarding Shift Duties of Volunteers:


The Volunteers are all NCTU students who, prior to shift duties, have received systematic, professional trainings and have excellent ethics. Therefore, personal information of each student who comes for appointments (including the veracity of your visit) is handled with strict confidentiality. Additionally, if you dislike having reception and services provided by people you know, we’ve posted the schedule of Volunteer duty shifts (click here) for your inquiry, in order to avoid people you know. Also, if you do not wish to be received and served by students, you may contact the case manager (#51318) or your departmental counselor (reference page), in order to be assisted by them. Should you have any additional concerns or doubts regarding counseling, you are also welcomed to call us; we are more than willing to clarify and respond to you concerns.

Sincerely yours

NCTU Counseling Center