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11/15(Fri.) Workshop: The Moment Blossom-Dried Flowers & Self-Care Workshop


The Moment BlossomDried Flowers & Self-Care Workshop


Do you feel constantly tired and anxious about your life?

We invite you to drop off your work and worries.

Come to make your own dried flower, through which you will learn to be aware of your body and take care of it.

Let the beauty of nature conceal your worries.

Slow down.

Enjoy the moment of blossom.


No materials fees will be charged in this workshop.

You just need to come with a relaxed mood and you can bring back your own dried flower key ring!


After the workshop, you will:

  1. Learn more about the expressive materials for dried flowers and be aware of your emotional state.
  2. Promote self-care abilities through the making of the pastel flower cards.
  3. Bring back your own dried flower key ring for free.

Time: Nov. 15th (Fri.) 13:30-16:30

Venue: Mr. Glyn T. H. Ing Memorial Room, NCTU Library (beside the long corridor of the 1st and 2nd floor)

Workshop leader: Cathy Chung (Counseling Psychologist, Horticultural Therapist │ Facebook fan page-美好蒔光)

Participants: NCTU faculty members (limited to 20 people)

Registration: Please register at the counter of NCTU Center of Counseling and pay a deposit of $100 TWD.

(Deadline: Nov. 4th. The waiting list will be announced on Nov. 6th)


#this event is eligible for a 3-hour credit for the public servant advanced learning program.