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Love Is A DanceOn Romantic Relationships and Attachment Styles

Does your partner ignore your messages, never read your messages, or read and reply your messages right after you send them?

In your relationship, does one want to see the other more often than the other does?

In your relationship, are you always confused about when to draw closer to the other and about when to stay back?


Each person has their own styles and ways to get along with others.

However, love is like a duo dance.

If you get too close, you’ll hurt each other.

If you are too far away from each other, you’ll start to feel lonely.

Let the love expert Wu-Ze Li guide you to learn how to last this duo dance called “love” as long as it can.


After the lecture, you will:

  1. Know your attachment style in a relationship (Link: Womany- Psychology of Love: How to find back your sense of security in relationships(CH)).
  2. Know how to get along with the other who share the same or different attachment style with you.
  3. Know how to take care of yourself and the other while pursuing or managing a relationship.

Time: Nov. 25th (Mon.) 13:20-15:10

Venue: Room 110, HA Building 2

Lecturer: Wu-Ze Li, counseling psychologist

Participants: NCTU faculty, students, and community residents (limited to 80 people)

Registration: Please visit NCTU Center of Counseling website, or getting the waiting list on Nov. 25th

#this event is eligible for a 2-hour credit for the public servant advanced learning program and the teacher’s passport qualification.