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Nov. 2nd (Sat.) Workshop: Does Studying Sap Your Energy?Come Join Us to De-Stress Yourself!

Photo credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Are you worn out?Come! Spare yourself from stress!

To achieve better academic performance,

Does goal pursuit gradually occupy your mind?

To achieve the goals you set,

You never rest.

You never stop pursuing.

You are afraid of being a loser.

Be careful!

Stress is destroying your life!


Unbearable stress makes your unable to take care of yourself.

Are your anxious about endless deadlines but too worn out to meet them?

Come and check how stressed you are!

   Stress Index Test  

We want those whose stress score reach above 50 to join us (If your score is less than 50, you are also welcome!).


We have invited He Huang, clinical psychologist at Balance PsyClinic, to teach you how to balance and body.

Let’s find balance and bring back our energy and happiness!


After the workshop, you will:

  1. Identify your stressors;
  2. Experience the body scan practice to understand your stress;
  3. Relieve your stress and anxiety;
  4. Draw your lifeline to gain more insights of yourself and to step to a better future.


Time: Nov. 2nd(Sat.)09:30-16:30 (Including one-hour lunch break; lunch not provided)

Venue: Group Counseling Room, 2F of Student Activity Center

Lecturer: He Huang (Clinical psychologist at Balance PsyClinic)

Participants: NCTU students (limited to 20 people)

Registration: Please visit the NCTU Center of Counseling to sign up and pay a deposit of NTD200

 (Registration deadline: Oct. 17th. Waiting list will be released on Oct. 21st)

~This event is eligible for a 6-hour credit for the teacher’s passport qualification.~