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(中文) 10/16(三) 講座:助你好眠-睡眠實驗室


Every time in the late night, our minds never sleep.

Our head is full of lingering thoughts

And they keep us away from a good night’s sleep.


Let the psychologist tell us of dreams and things that bother us in the late night.

Release our stress and have a good night’s sleep.


Lecturer: 蘇予昕 Counseling Psychologist & professional NLP practitioner

Photo provided by the lecturer
Facebook fan page: 蘇予昕諮商心理師—活出你的原廠設定

Professional Experience:

  • Psychologist and lecturer at the World Wide Union Psychotherapy Clinic
  • Appointed lecturer at the Hsinchu Lifeline and the Shiuhli Foundation
  • Professional host
After the lecture, you will:

  • Understand your sleep quality and causes of insomnia
  • Functions and meanings of dreams
  • Tips to improve your sleep quality

  ~Let’s have a good night’s sleep~


Time: Oct. 16th (Wed.) 13:20-15:10

Venue: Room 115, Engineering Building 3

Participants: NCTU faculty, students, and community residents (limited to 80 people)

Registration: Please visit NCTU Center of Counseling website, or getting the waiting list on Oct. 16th

#This event is eligible for a 2-hour credit for the public servant advanced learning program and the teacher’s passport qualification.