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10/02(三) : The Emotion between Us – On Emotional Boundaries in Interpersonal Relationships


“I did this for your own good. You’ll thank me in the future,” your dad/mom said.

“It’s a piece of cake. Give me this before you get off work,” your boss said.

“You are very good at fixing the computer, aren’t you? Help me fix it,” your friend said.

Do you feel uncomfortable after hearing what they said?

Be careful! They are crossing your emotional boundaries!

This lecture is to help you understand emotional boundaries in the interpersonal relationships so you can reclaim your emotional autonomy!



Q1: What are the emotional boundaries?

A1: emotional boundaries are the lines that separate your thoughts and feelings from those of other people.

Q2: Why do we need to establish emotional boundaries?

A2: If we fail to establish our own emotional boundaries, we may easily take others’ emotions as our own or be affected by others’ emotions.

Q3: How can emotional boundaries help me?

A3: They can help us be braver and better understand our feelings so we are able to be more aware of what happened in a relationship.

Q4: Does establishing emotional boundaries make me selfish?

A4: Boundaries are flexible. Sometimes you can draw the boundaries closer to yourself if you want to be considerate to others. However, when you don’t have much energy to do so, you can establish clearer boundaries to take care of yourself.


Lecturer Introduction:

Shih-Chieh Lin, Counseling psychologist, founder of Let’s Con, specializing in love and intimate relationship.


Photo provided by the lecturer


➤Time: Oct. 2nd (Wed.) 15:30-17:20

➤Venue: Room B102, Assembly Building 1

➤Lecturer: Shih-Chieh Lin(Counseling psychologist, founder/chief editor of Let’s Con│ Facebook fan page: Let’s Con-來諮商)

➤ Participants: NCTU faculty, students, and community residents (limited to 110 people)

➤ Registration: Please visit NCTU Center of Counseling website, or getting the waiting list on Oct. 2nd

# This event is open to all NCTU faculty members and students. Group reservation is not accepted. Please sign up on the website individually.

# This event is eligible for a 2-hour credit for the public servant advanced learning program and the teacher’s passport qualification.