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Hello Depression: “The Last Day of Rose” Board Game Workshop


Through the board game, you will experience the last day of Rose.

Why is she always in a bad mood?

Why does she feel sad despite all those cheerful things happening to her?

Do you want to help her but don’t know how to do?

Let’s become Rose’s significant others together!

Experience her world.

And learn to be an empathic companion for people like Rose.


Click “The Last Day of Rose” to understand Rose’s life and her loneliness


This event is suitable for those who want to:

  1. Understand depression and learn how to accompany people suffering from depression to go through it.
  2. Take better care of themselves while accompanying people suffering from depression
  3. Reflect on their purposes of life through this board game


➤Time: Dec. 7 (Sat.) 09:30-16:30 (Including one-hour lunch break; lunch not provided)

➤ Venue: Group Counseling Room, 2F of Student Activity Center

➤Lecturer: Shi-Yuan BAI (Counseling psychologist, founder of the Encounter with Love Studio, Facebook fan page”心靈角落-心靈的避風港,心事的藏身處”)

➤ Participants: NCTU students (limited to 18 people)

➤ Registration: Please visit the NCTU Center of Counseling to sign up and pay a deposit of NTD200

(Registration deadline: Nov. 25. Waiting list will be released on Nov. 27)

# This event is eligible for a 6-hour credit for the teacher’s passport qualification.