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May 9 (Sat.) Workshop: The Transformation Project for the Charming Stylish Men-Male Outfit Matching Workshop

Have you feel troubled in front of the wardrobe before going out?

Do you still feel dissatisfied with your looks even after changing several outfits for dating?

Loving to look beautiful is not only the nature of women. As men, you may love to look good, too.

You are smart, kind, intelligent and full of inner beauty.

But your failure comes from the first impression with others.

So there have been bumpy relationships along the way.


Now, give yourself a chance.

To improve the external image is absolutely a rewarding investment!


Who should join us?

  1. The males who want to improve the external attraction.
  2. The males who want to learn more about how to dress properly besides T-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops.
  3. Those who want to know how to match the clothes in the wardrobe.
Please bring along the mobile devices to look for information online on the day of the activity. (ex. Tablet computer, smart phone…)

It is encouraged to bring along your clothes to ask for the matching suggestions from the lecturer on the day of the activity.


Lecturer: Gino (blogger)

Experience: Person-in-charge of Immortal Style, classic men’s clothing blog, co-founder of Dandy Dencency, classic men’s clothing medium, and the best daily style gentleman selected by the organizer of Suit Walk 2017

Immortal Style Blog


Time: May 9, 2020 (Sat.)  9:30-16:30

Place: Group Counseling Room, 2F, Activity Center

Lecturer: Gino (blogger)

Participants: NCTU students, 15 vacancies

Registration: Please sign up on the website of Center of Counseling and submit a deposit of NT$200 according to the registration result. (Deadline: April 27, Open to Standby List on April 29)

※The activity offers 6 approved training hours to art and culture passport & teacher’s passport.