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May 23(Sat.)Workshop: Sex around the Corner-Let’s Talk about Sex over Tabletop Games Workshop 

What challenges will you encounter in the adventures of love and friendship?

Do you have few chances to discuss the questions about “sex”?

In the workshop, the tabletop game, group activities, and process discussion will be applied to explore all kinds of possibilities by listening to each other in a joyful and open atmosphere and gradually construct the abilities we need to face love and human relations. Let the professional sexuality counselor lead us to make previews and practice!


☆This activity is for☆

Those who feel curious about intimate relationship, love, and physical/mental sex and can’t find someone to talk with.


✥Please be reminded✥

In this activity, we will talk about the knowledge and topics about sex. The participants can decide the contents and extent they’d like to share. The group aims to clarity the confusion people may feel about sex and expand the opinions and view about sex instead of exposing personal privacy.


☆What is SEX board game?☆

SEX designs the five perspectives of “physical sex, love process, intimate relationship and physical border, peers and human relations, and safe sex and sex curiosity” into the five groups of game cards. The game will create the relaxing and interesting atmosphere to talk about sex and help the participants to find their opinions and feelings, listen to the differences, make previews and practice of the life skills, inspire creativity and flexibility, and gradually increase the participants’ required abilities in physical sex, love relationship, and human relations.


Time: May 23, 2020 (Sat.) 9:30-16:30 (lunch break 1 hour, lunch on own)

Place: Group Counseling Room, 2F, Student Activity Center

Lecturer: Jiang Xin-yi (Counseling psychologist, sexuality counselor)

Participants: NCTU students, 15 vacancies

Registration: Please sign up on the website of Center of Counseling and submit a deposit of NT$200 according to the registration result.

Deadline: May 11

※The activity offers 6 approved training hours to art and culture passport & teacher’s passport.