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05/20 (三):Love after Marriage Equality – Transition and Transformation in Intimate Relationship

After marriage equality, there are more diverse family structures.

Some acclaim and some sigh for the changes in law.

What’s unchanged is the expectation and maintenance of intimate relationship.


Let’s talk about the changes and influence after the same-sex marriage was legalized.

Let’s learn how to communicate with our partners and maintain the relationship.

Let’s discover our looks in love and increase the happiness in life!


The activity is for those who want to understand the following situations:

  1. The influence of marriage equality on the mental health of the society.
  2. How to keep a healthy intimate relationship with your partner.

Time: May 20, 2020 (Wed.) 15:30-17:20

Place: 4th Meeting Room, 1F, MicroInfo Research Center

Lecturer: Zhao Yi-ji (Clinical Psychologist of Department of Psychiatry, Machay Memorial Hospital, Hsinchu)

Participants: NCTU students and faculty, 150 vacancies.

Registration: Please sign up on the website of Center of Counseling or line up for standby. (The seats are of limited number. Please register in advance.)

The lecture is open to everyone. We can’t make reservation for a whole class. For those who intend to participate, please register on line!

※The activity offers 2 approved training hours to public servant education & teacher’s passport.