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May 17 (Sun.) Workshop: Sagami Workshop- Hand-making and Deep Understanding about the Condom Workshop

“Condom” is closely connected to the intimate relationship.

But, do you really understand it?

The thinner it is, the more likely it is to break? Do the thicker ones have more protection?

One is not enough. Is wearing two safer?


If you have these questions about condoms and intimate relationship,

why not experience the professional’s techniques and learn about the safe sex in the process of “hand-making” condoms?


In this workshop, you will:

  1. have a hands-on experience of hand-making condoms and understand how condoms are made in the early years.
  2. know and learn about all kinds of details about condoms and increase the knowledge on sexual education.
  3. solve the questions and curiosity about sex or intimate relationship.

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Time: May 17, 2020 (Sun.) 14:00-17:00

Place: Room101, Engineering Bldg. 1 (co-working space)

Lecturer: Li Yi-ping(Counseling Psychologist of Beone Sexuality Counseling Training Center)& Xue Hui-zhi(Counseling Psychologist of Shih Chien University)

Participants: NCTU students, 20 vacancies

Registration: Please sign up on the website of Center of Counseling and submit a deposit of NT$200 at the counter of Center of Counseling. (Deadline: May 5, Open to Standby List on May 7)

#The activity is co-hosted by Beone Sexuality Counseling Training Center, Sagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd., and NCTU Center of Counseling.

# The activity offers 3 approved training hours to art and culture passport & teacher’s passport.