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Campus Event:Search Notice-Campus Puzzle Solving Game

Search NoticeCampus Puzzle Solving Game

Do you really know and understand people around you?

Sometimes we are stressed out by schoolwork and anxious that we can’t catch up with the schedule, so we may neglect the clues and traces of human interaction.

Have we forgotten the past classmates and friends or even ourselves?


Invite you to retrieve the past memories together!

Find back those lost in memories, and solve the personal mysteries at the same time!



Time:Early October to Mid November, 2020

Place:The clues are arranged at the secret corners on campus. There are also online interaction page. Invite you to join the puzzle solving game to win the chance of the lucky draw.

Please pay attention to the fan page of Center of Counseling for more information!

※Please see the notification of Center of Counseling and follow the epidemic preventive measures when registering and participating.