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【Book Club for Students and faculty】2016/04/22-05/27 Kirawareru Yuuki Book Club

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Book Club: The courage to be disliked


Q:Why people don’t like me?
A:Do you know the answer about happyiness is included to be disliked.

This Book club will read a book and have some discussion about human relantionship.

Welcome to join us.


Time: 2016/04/22-05/27 (Fri),6 weeks, 13:20-15:10
Location: Student Affairs Conference Room (3F)
Lecturer: Hsiaohui, Du (counselor of NCTU)

Participants: NCTU students, staff and faculty, max of 15

How to sign up:
Visit NCTU Counseling Center by 4/08 (Mon). NT 200 deposit is required at registration, which will be reimbursed after full participation.