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【Book Club for faculty】2016/04/12-05/31 When Love Gets in the Way~ the Imperfections of Parent-Child Education – A Book and Growth Club for Parents


Why do we easily get angry with our children but love them so much?

Are you always be anxious for parenting?

In fact, we need to allow ourselves to be imperfect  when teaching child!

In our group, we try to:

1.  help you to improve awareness and reflection of your own childhood experience

2. understand the influence of parenting style on the development of brain.

3.know how to establish a secure attachment with your child.

4.learn how to communicate with child and repair the conflict relationship!

We will discuss these topics by reading book, role-playing, and movie wathcing.

*The book we read is: Parenting from the inside out:How a deeper self-understanding can help you raise children who thrive*

Time: 2016/04/12-05/31 (Tue),8 weeks, 12:10-13:20
Location: Student Activity Center Recreation Room (2F)
Lecturer: Wan-Jen, Shen & Yi-Ya, Tseng (counselor of NCTU)

Participants: NCTU staff and faculty, max of 12

How to sign up:
Visit NCTU Counseling Center by 3/28 (Mon). NT 200 deposit is required at registration, which will be reimbursed after full participation. Those on the wait list will be contacted on 3/29 (Tue).