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Campus Event: Little Mochi’s Healing Journey-Eight Practices to Relieve Pressure in Life

Today, Little Mochi wants to add flavor to his life.

Instead of adding a specific quantity of sugar and fillings according to the recipe and the chef’s personal preference, Little Mochi wants to personally feel and try the flavors such as peanut, sesame, and red beans.

To find the most suitable flavor, Little Mochi starts his healing journey.

The map tells him that there will be eight stops along the long journey.

Every stop will provide all kinds of supplies to help Little Mochi complete the journey.

Now, Little Mochi is waving his white and round hand, inviting you to the self-healing journey together!


Time: Please visit the Mental Health and Counseling Center website for the latest information.

Mid-March – Mid-May, 2021  Online Healing Journal

May 3-31, 2021    Interactive Exhibition


Healing Journey with Little Mochi~How to Use the Healing Journal:

  1. Add the Mental Health and Counseling Center to your Line friends.
  2. Establish an account and start your online practice record.
  3. Join the interactive exhibition at the courtyard of 1F Student Activity Center.


Join the healing journey, and you will have the opportunity to win the souvenir prepared by Little Mochi.

Join the online journal activity, and you will win the exclusive gift!

Complete all activities, and you will have the opportunity to win the great prizes!

※The organizer reserves the right to change and terminate the activity at any time. Any further changes or notifications will be announced on the Facebook Fan Page.