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05/12 (Wed.) Lecture: Simplicity and Meditation-Mindfulness Practice to Change the Busy Life

There are too many people and things you just can’t let go of in life.

You are busy preparing for schoolwork, pursuing better grades, and worrying about unfinished work.

You always want to attend to all aspects in your interpersonal relationships…

You always work hard to do everything perfectly.

However, you never treat yourself well.

How long haven’t you felt tranquility and had a conversation with your body and mind?


We invite you to bring your heart back from the busy and fast-paced life through mindful breathing.

Learn to perceive the feelings of the body, emotions and thoughts in your mind in the moment attentively.

Calm down, and let the storm in your mind rest.

Accept every “moment” in life in a peaceful, curious, and open way.


Through the lecture, you will:

  • Learn about mindfulness.
  • Learn to remove anxiety and return to life in the moment.
  • Do some simple mindfulness practice and put it into practice in daily life.


※  For more information on registration and epidemic prevention measures, please see the announcement of the Mental Health and Counseling Center.