Mental Health and Counseling Center




1. 即日起至6/11止,原則上暫停所有實體初談、系所諮詢、心理諮商、醫師照會等活動。

2. 在疫情期間,系所心理師仍持續提供關懷輔導。
請洽中心櫃台:  03-5712121#51303/,

3. 若您是已經在諮商服務當中或是完成已初談正在等待諮商派案中的同學,

4. 遇有特殊或緊急狀況將由系所諮商師及諮商心理師評估後進行遠距關懷服務或線上諮詢協助,特殊危機狀況經評估後仍將提供實體協助。

5. 相關措施將視疫情狀況進行滾動式調整,並公告周知。


祈願  平安



Dear NYCU students, faculty and staff,

We hope this email finds you well. As COVID-19 epidemic has become more severe these days, please take good care of yourself and stay safe. To cooperate with the latest epidemic prevention directives of the government and the school, and to protect everyone’s physical health and provide adequate psychological support at the same time, we announce the new adjustment of the psychological services we provide as follows, being effective as of today to June 11th.

  1. In principle, all of the face-to-face services including initial interviews, department consultations, psychological counseling, and doctors’ consultations will be suspended.
  2. During the epidemic, your department counselor will continue to provide you care and guidance. If you have life or academic problems, emotional disturbance or psychological issues caused by the epidemic, such as physical contact with infected persons, home quarantine, home isolation, or self-health management, please contact our front-desk via 03-5712121#51303, or email to: counsel You can also contact your department counselor on the website:, and your department counselor will provide you assistance.
  3. If you are already receiving individual counseling, or have received the initial interview and are waiting for the counseling service, please pay attention to the email or telephone notices. We will contact you to discuss the follow-up care and guidance measures.
  4. In case of special or emergency situations, your department counselor and counseling psychologist will give an evaluation, and they will provide long-distance care services or online consultations based on their evaluation. Face-to-face assistance will be provided after the evaluation of such special crisis situations.
  5. Relevant prevention measures will be adjusted in a rolling manner based on the epidemic situation, and will be announced by our center.

     During the epidemic, please take good care of yourself. We wish you all the best.

The Mental Health and Counseling Center, Chiaotung Campus