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Self-Healing Magic-Sleep Well and Relieve Pressure Hypnosis Salon

“Good night, sleep well, have a sweet dream and wake up with full energy in the morning.”


We always expect to sleep well and have a sweet dream in the night and wake up with full energy in the morning.

But do you know the distracting thoughts and pressure in subconscious will disturb your sleeping quality?


In the world full of chaotic thoughts, you need to learn the most practical self-hypnosis skills.

Before the final exams, let’s switch on the subconscious energy together.

Enjoy the most relaxing and sleep-enhancing self-healing magic from the inside out and achieve the double effects of “sleeping well” and “relaxing and reducing pressure.”

Sleep will not be your trouble anymore. Instead, release the pressure from subconscious and bring energy to beautiful tomorrow!



The activity is suitable for you:

V If you often toss and turn and find it hard to fall asleep.

V If you are full of chaotic thoughts and unable to stop thinking even when sleeping.

V If you can’t fall asleep after waking up at midnight.

V If you still feel tired after waking up.


The activity will be divided into three parts.

✔ Is pressure always not good? Let’s talk about pressure reaction from psychology.

✔ Experience and instruction of the subconscious sleeping skills.

✔ Practice the self-care skills of hypnosis.


What is hypnosisThe lecture will tell you about it:

You will find hypnosis everywhere in life.

From brushing teeth to having three meals, from watching movies to shopping on line, from going to school to falling in love,

All hypnosis comes from the hints you give to yourself.

To put it simply, when you lack observation of your behavior and habits in life, you are already in self-hypnosis.

The mission of the hypnotherapist is to awaken your subconscious and assist you to manage concentration so that you can exert your potential after self-hypnosis and enjoy the comfortable and relaxing life!



Registration Information:

Time: 2021/12/04(Sat.) 13:30-17:30

Place: Group Counseling Room, Activity Center 2F, Guangfu Campus

 Lecture: Chang Yi-ping Counseling Psychologist / Hypnotherapist

Participants: NYCU students, 16 vacancies


Registration Method: Please click here to sign up and submit a deposit of NT$200 according to the registration result.


Registration Deadline: 11/ 22

The activity offers 3 approved training hours to art and culture passport and teacher’s passport.