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Mental Boundaries Healing Workshop

Do you always care too much about others’ comments, seldom say no, and finally find yourself overloaded?

Do you tend to avoid conflicts, give way, and even find your rights deprived?

When you are knocked down by the exhaustion, grievance, and anger, you need to build a comfortable mental boundary to guard energy for yourself!

Let the famous lecturer from iSpace, counseling psychologist Hsiao Ting-wen, lead you to get rid of interpersonal turmoil, retrieve the calm and growing self, and create the most comfortable interpersonal interaction through the deep exploration and concrete steps.


The activity is for you . . .

✔ If you always believe you have to be responsible for people around you.

✔ If you often feel exhausted with the endless work you’re always busy with

✔ If you are a yes-man and people often take your devotion for granted.

✔ If you dare neither to make requests nor reject others because you are not confident of your words.


Learning Points

✔ Learn your interpersonal boundaries

✔ The history of interpersonal boundaries

✔ Make conversations of interpersonal shield

✔ Find the comfortable interpersonal interaction



Registration Information:


Time: 2021/10/16(Sat.) 13:30-17:30

Place: Group Counseling Room, Activity Center 2F, Guangfu Campus

Lecturer: Hsiao Ting-wen(Counseling Psychologist/iSpace Lecturer)

Participants: NYCU students, 16 vacancies

Registration Method: Please click here to sign up and submit a deposit of NT$200 according to the registration result.

Registration Deadline: 10/01

The activity offers 3 approved training hours to art and culture passport and teacher’s passport.