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【Workshop for Faculty and Staff】2016/04/28 Revel in Your Own Tarot Healing Time

To have a great moment to draw a Tarot in your busy life……



“The Empress” is a symbol of empathy, compassion, acceptance and calm.


Are you always know how to pay for someone else, but sometimes is it too harsh to treat yourself?

It‘s time for you to take a rest and nourishing yourself.

Using Tarot reflect your current living conditions, inner world and emotions,
Let you see the crux of the matter on their own and have more insight.

What will you learn in the workshop?
1.    Introduction of Intuitive Tarot.
2.    Nourishing yourself by meditation and spiritual writing
3.    Learning how to ask advice by psychic reading.
4.    Knowing how to take care of your self.

Take advices from Tarot to your life ,
and let Tarot make your life different!

Time: 105/04/28(Thu) PM1:30-4:30
Place: Student Activity Center, Recreation Room (B1)
Lecture: Yu Ching,Lee.
Participants: All faculty and staff, max of 20 people
To sign up: Please visit the NCTU counseling center (before 04/20, Wed; those on the waiting list will be contacted by 04/21). The deposit fee is required for this activity ($100). The $100 deposit will be reimbursed after your full participation