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【Campus Workshop】2016/05/14 A Relationship with Yourself – Sex and Body Exploration Workshop

Have you ever thought about it …
“Could you separate sex and love?”
“The size of my penis or cup is not big enough?”

What do you think of “sex”?

Everyone wants to explore but feels embarrassed.
But, what makes us feel difficult to say?

The sex counselor “Ya Yi Chiu” will
clarify our sexual feelings and values by an interesting way.

Let’s have a new look at sex!!!

Time: 2016/05/14 (Sat) 9:00-16:00 (1 hour lunch break, meal not included)
Location: Student Activity Center Recreation Room (2F)
Lecturer: Ya Yi Chiu, Counseling Psychologist of Mercy Sex Counseling Center.
Participants: NCTU students, max of 12

How to sign up:
Visit NCTU Counseling Center by 05/05 (Thu). NT 200 deposit is required at registration, which will be reimbursed after full participation. Those on the wait list will be contacted on 05/06 (Fri).