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【Campus Lecture】2016/05/18 Ever-changing ─The Career Blueprint of a Philosopher

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Before you go to college, you study in a “good” senior high.

Then you come to NCTU, which  is also a “good” school.

Maybe you’ll find a “good” job after you graduate.

But somehow you don’t think you’re good enough.

By an anonymous loser man

It seems that studying at NCTU is a good choice.

However, have you been lost in the myth that your career plan is just for being in line with social expectations?

These choices which looks safe may become constraints to yourself, so that it is hard for you to go your own way.


Mr. Zhu, devoting to popularizing philosophy, will share his career changes in the time from his senior high school to the work right now. Not only will he share how he makes the choices, but lead the audience to analyze their problems in life in a philosophical way. In the lecture, probably you can find the way out of the difficulties you’re facing. Welcome to enjoy us!


Time:  2016/05/18 (Wed)

Location:  MIRC Conference Room 1 (1F)

Lecturer:  Kris Zhu ( One of founders of The Lab, hilo-soeasy.

Click here to take a look at his blog )

Participants:  NCTU faculty and students (limit of 100 people)

To sign up: click here to sign up or sign up at the door